Sixto Rodriguez & Searching for Sugar Man

I spent the whole week working for the Traverse City Film Festival and while I met some amazing people and watched some great films, nothing affected me as strongly as the story of Sixto Rodriguez. Ignored in Detroit, Rodriguez became a superstar in South Africa yet never knew it. Here’s the trailer for the brilliant movie, Searching for Sugar Man and then a cut from his first album, Cold FactIt’s called Crucify Your Mind, and it really demonstrates a songwriter of surprising skill. Along with the title track, Sugar Man and I Wonder, it was a song that instantly stuck in my brain.

The person of Rodriguez is one that impressed me deeply and I really hope you see the film when it comes through town!

(check out the World if you want to spoil the surprise)


3 thoughts on “Sixto Rodriguez & Searching for Sugar Man

  1. Ive been eating up this soundtrack. Sixto Rodriguez is a gem. A friend of mine caught the film recently and said it was absolutely breath-taking. Hope I can see it soon!

  2. farlane says:

    Thanks for the link Brittany! I’ve been piecing it together on YouTube. Gotta buy it now I think.

    The movie is fantastic. You’ll love it!

  3. Ron Scot says:

    Hi, I saw the new film on Rodriguez and I think this amazing movie on an amazing person should get an oscar. I need some help, did anybody heard about a blues man called Albers? I found some law fi recording on him but not more then that..I new is an artist from the 90′-95′ I upload one song of him to you tube in a bad quality 😦

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