Do nothing with Simon Amstell

Heard Simon Amstell on Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me yesterday. Extremely funny and insightful. I enjoyed his thoughts on comedy and other videos.  I hope you enjoy this performance, which is probably rated R. If you don’t, it’s a big internet out there and I’m sure you’ll find things you do like.

If you end up being a fan (cue Facebook), there’s a great feature with Simon in Interview magazine. If you’re in New York City in the next couple of weeks, you can catch him on tour at Theatre 80.

A long time ago … when special effects were really hard

Computer Graphics From a Long, Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away from Topless Robot:

Oh man. /Film started my day with this 10-minute documentary from Larry Cuba about how he made the computer graphics for Star Wars, specifically, the Death Star assault video Dodonna plays for the Rebel pilots, and it is so, so awesome. Cuba is obviously so proud when he says he’s moving his Death Star model in real time, and he should be, since back in 1976 that probably needed 400 computers glued together and the blood sacrifice of a white calf. Anyways, it’s fun for Star Wars fans and a neat look back for computer nerds alike.

Imagine the movie industry doing what they do now without the plastic reality offered by oceans of computing power and unbelievable software.

Topless Robot is a kickin’ site that features geek chum like Teenage Mutant Reservoir Turtles and The 10 Best ’60s Batman TV Villains Who Should Make the Leap to Comic Books (10 villains, 10 videos including Vincent Price as the Egghead).


Saturday Afternoon Cartoon Break: Spiderman vs. 1980s Toy

You find the strangest things lying around these days…

dynamanI’m pretty sure that the giant robot is this toy, pieces of which are in my son’s closet.

I never knew that the Dynaman toy was based on Kagaku Sentai Dynaman (aka Scientific Squadron Dynaman).

This video of the opening of Dynaman I think proves that the Japanese have 12% more awesome on average than any other people of the world.

Sunday Funnies: The October Surprise Gang

Is it an October Surprise if you are expecting it?

The more I read the daunting litany of the challenges facing the McCain Campaign, the repeated missteps and almost comic cluelessness, the secrecy surrounding his medical condition and the awesomely bad selection of Sarah Palin, the more  certain I become that there is no way that McCain-Palin will be the Republican ticket when November rolls around.

Palin’s nomination cleared the way for a complete reset of the ticket when it becomes clear that McCain cannot continue due to health issues or simply being 20+ points down in the polls.

I don’t even see this as requiring the tinfoil hat anymore – the deck is so obviously stacked against McCain right now that it seems delusional to believe it can make it to November. I think the questions are “when” (shorter is probably better, Oct. 15 is my bet) and “who” (Michael Bloomberg plus some respected military figure).