Special delivery.

Beer truck. by John Levanen

If you know me at all, you probably know that I spend a lot of time on the internets* … and by “a lot” I mean “way a lot”. Still, there always seems to be that one more thing that someone else thought of that I can’t live without about 3.5 seconds after I learn about it.

The latest was a relatively simple trick with the Firefox browser that I learned from  Jimmy Ruska who is Jimmyrcom on YouTube and can also be found at jimmyr.com. A quick glance through his site tells me he spends “way, way a lot” of time on these internets.

Anyway, Jimmy has a brief video about how to Pimp out your Firefox that (by my calculations) will save me maybe an hour a week. One of my sort of jobs is to wander through a ton of photos that people share with me and the sites I run. I’ve always used the Firefox location bar as Google Jr, but now thanks to Firefox keyword searches I can use that same address bar to search all these groups in seconds to find haunted Michigan, Sleeping bear dunes, Benzie beaches and Leelanau grapes. I’ll stop before the part where I analyze the syntactical structure of the queries and offer suggestions for taxonomy of the abbreviations.
The photo, Beer truck by John Levanen, is one I found on a test search of the Leelanau(dot)com pool for “truck”. John adds so many great photos to the group that I wonder sometimes if he’s on the payroll. Thanks John!

*OK, I just watched that whole video linked from “internets” and there’s a truck reference. Sometimes I wonder…