My name is Andrew McFarlane and I live and work in Michigan with my wife and two children. I think our world is a beautiful place to be and am willing to work very hard to aid in bringing more of that beauty to more of its inhabitants.

I like to read, write, look at things and talk with people which makes the internet more than a little interesting to me. Read the First Post.

“farlane” is an occasional nickname from college that ended up becoming my user name almost everywhere online (I’m always a little miffed if I can’t get it as a user name at a new site).


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Morgan says:


    I was searching on the net for superfriends episodes and randomly came across your comment about downloading all the episodes. This is a long shot but were you ever able to download all the episodes from a bittorent or any other type of site? I have about 36 episodes from the released DVD’s but want to collect all 195 episodes from the 6 seasons which spanned from 1973-1986.

    thanks, Morgan

  2. farlane says:

    No, I never did Morgan. That was more of a counter-boast to Jonathan’s “I will download every Deadwood” plan.

    I would love to have those Superfriends though. Especially if I could program a Tivo or something to skip forward whenever Marvin, Wonder Dog & Gleep are on camera.

  3. eric bjorlin says:

    Hey Andrew — wordpress told me you had linked to my blog, so I came to visit and was happy to see myself on your Linkroll! I’m glad you must have enjoyed what you’ve read and care to share it to others. It’s always inspiring to know people I don’t know personally have found/connected to my blog! Happy blogging yourself!

  4. farlane says:

    Right back at you! Thought your new videos were funny.

  5. Many years ago I responded to a post on your Michigan in Pictures site to say that I love and have photographed the U.P. You invited me to share. Yesterday I finally posted to my own blog 21 photographs taken in 2007 outside Grand Marais, Ishpeming, and Copper Harbor. I’d be honored if you chose to use any of them on Michigan in Pictures. See lindagrashoff.wordpress.com.

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