The Run Across Palestine

I am on the board of the nonprofit On the Ground. We work to raise money for projects that help the people who produce our food all over the world. Last year we did the Run Across Ethiopia, generating money and interest to build 3 schools that will serve 1500 children and also to pay some of the expenses. We work with real people: farmers and families to help them build the tools to raise themselves from poverty.

Right now we are kicking off the Run Across Palestine, which will raise funds and awareness for olive farmers in Palestine. Our runners will basically run a marathon a day for five days, 129 miles from Hebron to Burqin.

Here’s the first video from our media team, edited by the incomparable Aaron Dennis.


Michigan in Pictures … and some asparagus

empire asparagus festival 2010

Been kind of busy, but as usual I have been having a great time on Michigan in Pictures. It’s pretty much my favorite thing about the internet.

Recent highlights are Ernie Harwell, Banksy, Obama’s address at the Big House and the Asparagus Festival (where I was today!)

Seriously though. THE Banksy was in Detroit!

Even more seriously though, what part of the soul of Michigan rests in Ernie Harwell’s voice on a summer night?

Super Bowl Snack Tips from Chad Vader

Has it really been 3 weeks since I posted something? In my defense I’ve been working on a lot of fun projects including the winter edition of the Traverse City Wine & Art Festival (Feb 14 at the Grand Traverse Resort).

Still. Sorry about that.

Here’s Darth Vader’s less evil brother Chad Vader with some tips for Super Bowl snacking as you watch the Jets v Vikings. (I’d rather see Indy but I have a feeling about the Jets):

Interview with Mark “The Bird” Fidrych

This  great interview with Mark Fydrich is featured today in Remembering Mark “The Bird” Fidrych on Absolute Michigan. The Tiger phenom died yesterday at the age of 54 and was one of my all-time favorite baseball players.

If you can, consider doing what Samara Pearlstein at Roar of the Tigers suggests:

I suggest a memorial to one of the best things about him– his ability to bring fun to a sometimes deeply (some would say ‘overly’) serious sport. Baseball is, after all, a game, and it’s SUPPOSED to be fun; Fidrych understood that.

So, tomorrow, go out and do a little something ‘willfully eccentric’ (thanks for the phrase, commenter Matt). Talk to your car. Groom the seat of your office chair with your hands. Change pens because the old one doesn’t have enough great ideas in it. Smile at yourself a little, and think of the Bird.