Traverse City Comedy Festival

TCCF Opening Night- Opera House-10

The 2011 Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival is coming February 10-13. We’ll be doing some cool stuff online so stay stay tuned!

The photo is by Robert Stucky – check out the 2010 Comedy Festival slideshow!

ArtPrize is AmaZing

ArtPrize has returned to Grand Rapids for the second year. For my money, this is hands-down the most amazing event I’ve ever been to. I’m in GR right now, ready for a day of exploring this multi-venue art explosion. We’re featuring ArtPrize on Absolute Michigan once again too – here’s the montage video I made for ArtPrize 2009 – I’ll try to do one for 2010 too!

Michelle Shocked in Grand Rapids TONIGHT

One of my absolutely favorite musicians is Michelle Shocked and she’s in Grand Rapids tonight at 8 PM. If you can get there, don’t miss  at the Wealthy Theatre. She’s looking for some progressive, community organizer types in Grand Rapids to help stimulate discussion about the plight of the American worker and will feature her  1992 album “Arkansas Traveler.”

They don’t write ’em like that anymore … gearing up for the Traverse City Film Festival

All next week Absolute Michigan will be On Location at the Traverse City Film Festival and I came across this in researching an article for Wednesday (tune in for sure!). I also coordinate online media for the festival and in 2010 we will be posting daily video digests, and the link above and are the place to get all that and much more!