YouTube of a YouTube of a … WHAAA!

  1. YouTube has released new developer APIs.
  2. These APIs allow you to turn YouTube from a web site or piece of media to a service that runs in your web site.
  3. Heads explode at 11.
  4. Internet explodes at 12*.

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Database Massage, Jill Sobule, and Neil Young

Jill Sobule, photo by binkmeisterrick

“Why does flickr go down so much?” I wondered to The Google. None less than net luminary Tim O’Reilly answered my call with a database war story that revealed the tip of the brobdingnagian iceberg that lies under shiny-smooth, folksonomical web apps like flickr and YouTube that sort and sift stuff according what many people say about it.

A link on the right led to A rare post about the music industry that isn’t depressing that told me about Jill Sobule and Jill’s Next Record. She’s funding it through fan patronage, something I’ve been hearing more and more of lately. Her levels of support are pretty funny so I clicked off to to learn more about her.

On her blog was a post titled Web Surfing, Roger Clemens, and Judy Garland where she mapped out the circuitous turnings that attention can take. Somewhere in between reading what she had to say and listening to her music, I found a link to Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young, which I of course bought.

The photo is Jill Sobule by binkmeisterrick who writes:

While waiting early for the show to start, Jill and her road manager (?)pulled up in a van and came in through the front door. She let me take her picture (bless her heart, I think she had just woken up) and noticed the Holga. “Aren’t they fun?” she said. She didn’t think the flash on the flash models did much, though.

Shortly after taking this picture, the back popped off the Holga. Can you tell? I was so worried that the only two pictures I cared about on this roll were lost. As luck would have it, she and Billy were the only two that really came out.

He says he’s fascinated by photography, particularly black & white.

One ADAM-12, we have an origins episode in progress, over


Lifehacker – which seems to have the goal of increasing productivity so that they can then destroy it
with links like this, has a post about OPENhulu:

You may have already heard of Hulu, a closed beta, on-demand TV service from NBC Universal and News Corp. designed to stream the latest new shows from NBC, Fox, Bravo, Sci Fi, and more YouTube-style. But you may not have heard of OpenHulu, a Hulu clone that’s attempting to embed every video from Hulu (which is part of how Hulu is designed to work) so you don’t need an invitation to Hulu to enjoy the free, on-demand TV.

You can go watch Adam-12 – Log 1: The Impossible Mission or find a bunch more shows at OPENhulu.

I have to thank The Real Ferg for the photo processing idea.

Social networks … reaching out of their boxes?

Reaching out...

Wired wrote aboutthe newly minted Open Social platform yesterday saying:

From the preliminary details it looks like Google agrees with what we said a couple months ago — it’s time for social networks to open up. Instead of rolling out another “me too” platform, OpenSocial is basically three APIs bundled together that allows developers to roll out the same application across a number of participating social networks.

They returned to it today with Ning: OpenSocial is Less About Silly Apps, where they quote Ning CEO Gina Bianchini as saying:

“The challenge with Facebook Apps today – and don’t get me wrong, we think that they are fantastic – is that there isn’t a lot of space for them to exist. You really only have one little box on a profile page. As a result of this constraint, the apps on Facebook tend to be more playful.”

I think that “playful” is shorthand for “silly” … I also think that the idea that apps (and eventually data) can bounce from platform to platform is yet another speed limit to fall on the Information Superhighway (sorry to get all 1999 on you there). If you want to get your geek on, read Open Social: a new universe of social applications all over the web, where Netscape founder and Ning principal Marc Andresson explores the new Open Social API in depth.

It’s a pretty good read and not too technical. I think he makes some interesting points about programming, especially when he says something to the effect of Standards that standardize standard behavior succeed. It sounds kind of “well DUH” but it’s an important point that is too often overlooked. I was gratified in a silly sort of way to see that Marc calls his blogroll a linkroll. I’d chalk it up to “great minds” but I think that the similarity between our minds begins and ends right about there.

The photo is Reaching out… by carf. It doesn’t appear to have anything at all to do with social networking, but his photos do appear to have very much to do with some very important things – check them out!

Special delivery.

Beer truck. by John Levanen

If you know me at all, you probably know that I spend a lot of time on the internets* … and by “a lot” I mean “way a lot”. Still, there always seems to be that one more thing that someone else thought of that I can’t live without about 3.5 seconds after I learn about it.

The latest was a relatively simple trick with the Firefox browser that I learned from  Jimmy Ruska who is Jimmyrcom on YouTube and can also be found at A quick glance through his site tells me he spends “way, way a lot” of time on these internets.

Anyway, Jimmy has a brief video about how to Pimp out your Firefox that (by my calculations) will save me maybe an hour a week. One of my sort of jobs is to wander through a ton of photos that people share with me and the sites I run. I’ve always used the Firefox location bar as Google Jr, but now thanks to Firefox keyword searches I can use that same address bar to search all these groups in seconds to find haunted Michigan, Sleeping bear dunes, Benzie beaches and Leelanau grapes. I’ll stop before the part where I analyze the syntactical structure of the queries and offer suggestions for taxonomy of the abbreviations.
The photo, Beer truck by John Levanen, is one I found on a test search of the Leelanau(dot)com pool for “truck”. John adds so many great photos to the group that I wonder sometimes if he’s on the payroll. Thanks John!

*OK, I just watched that whole video linked from “internets” and there’s a truck reference. Sometimes I wonder…