Fistful of Awesome: Guy on a Buffalo edition

What do you get when you take one part Grizzly Adams, one part Flight of the Conchords, one part Mystery Science Theater and one part Buffalo? Four parts of awesome! Watch all 4 parts of this incredibly quirky series starting with part one and get some links below.

You can hear more from The Possum Posse on their website and – if you are so inclined and in which case I’m a bit concerned about you – watch the entire hour-and-a-half saga of Buffalo Jones on YouTube.

In the Garden of Your Mind

“You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind.” That’s a lesson it’s never too late to learn, one of many that Fred Rogers. Below is a fantastic video remix by John Boswell of the Symphony of Science. He did it for PBS Digital and it’s absolutely exploding (17,000 views when I watched last night, over a half million this morning.

John has the channel melodysheep on YouTube and says that his goal is to bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the public through the medium of music, using the words and video of the scientists themselves. He has some amazing work using everyone from Richard Attenborough to Yoda that you should definitely check out. An interesting and sort of related video is Return to Awe with Jason Silva.

Way out here in the Ghost Bowl

I just stumbled across this video of Greensky Bluegrass live at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon playing a beautiful version of Ghost Bowl with my good friends May Erlewine & Seth Bernard (who wrote the song).

I absolutely love this song, and I’m pretty sure this could be the state anthem of Michigan.  It’s a real treat as they roll into Jambalaya which does a great job of showcasing May.

Seth & May on a WKAR Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass is a cool show that WKAR in Lansing produces. A great way to see a band and I just found some of my favorites – Samuel Seth Bernard and May Erlewine aka Seth & May. They’re joined by Mike Shimmin and the un-related duo from Steppin’ in It Dominick John Davis and Joshua Davis. Speaking of all of them, here’s a chance to win some free music through a new feature on Absolute Michigan called The Daily Michigan


Wally Bronner made it Christmas Always

Great video by Michigan’s own The Hard Lessons, their tribute to the man who made it Christmas always … in Frankenmuth at least. TIP: Sign up for their e-list and get their new album free!

I found when I was looking for something to add to Seeking Michigan’s From Signage to Santa that we featured on Absolute Michigan this week, so if you want to know more of the story, check it out.

Here’s wishing the best for you and yours. Love them, hug them and be with them because however long it is, it’s always far too brief!