NBA Comix: 1984 II, Everything You Know Is Wrong (starring Mark Cuban)

1984 II, Everything You Know Is Wrong (starring Mark Cuban)

Cuban then turned to Stern and other NBA officials who were seated at the scorer's table and was overheard to shout venomously in the jubilant din, “[Bleep] you! [Bleep] you! Your league is rigged!'' –Miami Herald

"Mark has a way of looking over in the direction of wherever I happen to be sitting if the occasion of calls or game action he doesn't particularly like," Stern said. "But that would not make him the first owner to do that. I did not speak to him at the end of the game." –ESPN

The games are not rigged. Thats a complete insult to the players on the court and the incredible amount of effort they put into preparing for and playing the games. All 82 regular season and post season games. The NBA couldnt rig the games if it wanted to. And it doesnt want to. Its that simple. –Mark Cuban, Blog Maverick

"We are not at war with Eastasia. We have never been at war with Eastasia." –Some Dead Guy

Deadspin has evolving coverage on this total breakdown of Sternian dominance, the latest of which is…

DALLAS – Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been fined $250,000 for several acts of misconduct following Game 5 of the NBA Finals, the league said Tuesday.

When time ran out in Game 5, Cuban ran onto the court to vent at official Joe DeRosa, then stared down and screamed toward Stern and a group of league officials, from the court, then the stands. –ESPN's afternoon update

NBA Comix: Blog Maverick, Where Are You?

Blog Maverick, Where Are You?

An open letter to Mr. Mark Cuban (feel free to sign your name in the comments):

Dear Mark,

We the undersigned may be fans of the NBA, your Dallas Mavericks or even (shudder) the Miami Heat. One thing that brings us together is that we are bloggers and readers of blogs – we believe that the common woman and man have something to say about sports, life or Angelina Jolie that can not or will not be said by the mass media. We see the internet and we want to fill it with words, photos, links and miles and miles of glorious banter.

Thus is was with great hope and pride that we greeted your announcement that you would blog the NBA Finals. You, who have resources and options far beyond the common person, chose to step forward and declare that you were one of us. Willing to sit before a keyboard and spill the contents of your head for the world to see.

Game one was impressive, you taunted Shaq, shared your excitement at being able to take some shots on the NBA Finals floor, and took us inside the maelstrom of the locker room. Game 2 was an equally strong outing.

Then in Miami you just gave up. "Dang its humid". I could have written that … of course it's humid. It's Miami in the summer for cryin' out loud!!

Mark, you have a PHONE WITH A KEYBOARD. You have BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. If you wanted to blog the NBA finals like they've never been blogged before, YOU COULD DO IT.

You stepped forward and said I AM A BLOGGER. You put my vocation and the passion of countless others on the NBA stage. Mark Cuban sounded off and the world took notice. "Yes these Mavs can!" you shouted in the faces of the unbelievers. You made yourself a target and now it looks like you're hiding from the Heat

So, Mr. Mark Cuban, shirt-sleeve billionaire and the most entertaining owner the NBA has ever had, I'm calling you out:

Get out there and blog like a man, or publically apologize for having the temerity to call yourself a blogger. 

Utata Goes to the Movies … I’ll go too

dust to dust
Jamelah (who has yet another hilarious spam analysis) tipped me off to Utata Goes to the Movies, a collection of photos paying homage to a variety of film genres. Utata is a pretty amazing project … I wish I had the time.

Speaking of paying homage, yesterday Michael Moore announced the lineup for the 2006 Traverse City Film Festival (will be held July 31-August 6th). The highlight (or one of them) is a tribute to Stanley Kubrick on the 50th anniversary of his first film. The festival will show all 11 Kubrick films (Dr. Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange (Malcolm McDowell will be on hand too!), Spartacus, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lolita, The Shining). I had forgotten the Shining was a Kubrick film.

The first year's festival was such a great experience and it sounds like this year will be even better!

Is this the part where I can casually drop a comment that my company donated the design for the festival site??

Do Elephants Dream of Clockwork Androids?

Check out the awesome (with a capital AWESOME) movie Elephant's Dream. It's something like 8 minutes long and the production values are very, very good. According to Slashdot (who helped to beat their site to death) this used to be on the Elephant's Dream site:

This is the final stage of a successfully completed Open Movie project which has been community-financed, using only Open Source tools, and opening up the movie itself as well as the entire studio database for everyone to re-use and learn from. The movie and production files are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 2.5, which only requires a proper crediting for public screening, re-using and distribution.

As a side note, I found some really interesting photos on a search for "elephant dream" like tantor and elephant dreams and elephant dreaming (of peanuts) and (my favorite) Ghost Elephant Dreams of Running Wild Through City Streets (because really, who doesn't).

 Just in case we've forgotten the original point of this post, go download the movie Elephant's Dream.

We’re off to see the Wizard (in 3 minutes, 29 seconds)

Sorry for all the weighty posts of late. This is a hilarious blend of something I love (The Wizard of Oz) and something I am almost totally ignorant of (anime).

Read it!Mini-bookshelf bonus review: Son of Witch by Gregory MaGuire (SPOILER ALERT – The Witch dies in book 1!!):

Ten years after the publication of Wicked, bestselling novelist Gregory Maguire returns to the land of Oz to follow the story of Liir, the adolescent boy left hiding in the shadows of the castle when Dorothy did in the Witch.

My take: if you read (and enjoyed) Wicked, you'll probably want to read this (I'd wait for paperback though). If you didn't read Wicked, you probably should. If you did read Wicked and didn't enjoy it, that's totally OK.

An Inconvenient Trailer

"This is really not a political issue so much as a moral issue."

An Inconvenient Truth is a very scary movie that will be painted as a political movie because Al Gore (speaker of the above words) is heavily involved in the movie. Sooner or later, I have to believe that facts are true, regardless of the ideological bent of the person speaking them.

Again in the words of Al Gore, "Our ability to live is what is at stake." You can also watch large on Google Video.

I guess "fair and balanced" dictates I link to this:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has produced two 60-second television spots focusing on the alleged global warming crisis and the calls by some environmental groups and politicians for reduced energy use. The ads are airing in 14 U.S. cities from May 18 to May 28, 2006.

Bah. Fair and balanced is overrated. The science of the above commercials' claim that Greenland's glacier is growing is misleading at best and we know what happens when you increase CO2 levels (at least according to the arch-liberal "scientists" at NASA). (here's a more thorough analysis of the science of the above article)
We need to take a long, hard look at the implications of global warming and the science behind it. It seems to me that this is an issue more than worthy of a Manhattan Project level of committment by the US Government. Sit the scientists down, weigh the facts and deliver a verdict. We can't afford to sit there while paid entertainers banter the topic back and forth in the media. 1.7 … almost have a the links now

In "the birth of an identity crisis", Jamelah has written one of those instant blogroll posts. You simply cannot ignore this. Amazing.

One of the best assessments I've found of why many TV companies are going to have a tough time becoming new media companies (and a really cool photo) can be found in The Angelina Jolie Guide To Running The Modern News Organization (Or Everything That’s Wrong With World News Tonight).

Detroit Bad Boys opined that 2006 is LeBron James' 1989 and has a great Jordan video. For the non-basketball fanatical reader (of which there are a few), in the '89 Eastern Conference Finals, Michael Jordan torched the Bad Boys for 46 points. The Pistons ended up winning the NBA Championship but it was the beginning of the Jordan era. There's a great shot at about 2 minutes of Laimbeer putting the sleeper hold on Jordan.

Speaking of video, is awesome. I'm tempted to see the movie solely on the merits of this awesome Transformers cgi test.

NBA Comix: Playoff Monster Mash

NBA Playoff Monster Mash

Those of you who know me know that I will not use "The Funniest Ever" lightly … but this has to be the funniest NBA Comix ever … unless it's this one.

Huge thanks to the Cavalier for showing me that my concept of Vince Carter, Invisible Man was only scratching the surface with this and this. Now if his Cavaliers could just do me the favor of rolling over tonight, everything would be perfect.