Michigan Governor Rick Snyder kills the Avengers

On Absolute Michigan today I wrote a feature on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s baffling budget that kills the Michigan Film Incentive. Once again, as Mitch Albom so aptly explains, Michigan has gone out, run 1/2 a block and wondered why we haven’t won the marathon.

Either way, he kills the future of the film/TV/video game industry here. With such a low cap, few new projects will come. Many have pulled out in the last few days. Studios just washed millions down the drain. Folks who moved here to be part of a growing industry will leave again.

And we look like fools. Imagine a state that yells, “Come on in!”, leads the nation in a program — then three years later shuts it down. Would you want to do business here?

Sometimes I really feel we are one of the nation’s stupidest states. Click here to read more, check out Rick is Wrong and watch this video from Mitch Albom explaining the inexplicable.



WE WILL WIN THE FUTURE, photo by leyink.

Kind of fitting to go from the high profile Kennedy’s “Ask not” Inaugural speech to the nearly as high profile Barack Obama 2011 State of the Union.

Although both looked towards an uncertain but boundless future, both didn’t employ the same … economy of speech.

I spent a lot of the speech putting thought bubbles over John Boehner’s head: Renewable energy? I’ll clap – WAIT A MINUTE – Oil subsidies?? Education? Guess I gotta cla– taking Bank subsidies??? C’mon!! Simplify tax code? Well who doesn’t want-SONOFABITCH Get your hands OFF the top 5%.

However long it was, this speech felt to me to be FINALLY the declaration that by dammit, this is OUR future and we are finally going to seize it.

Sulu, set course for the Federation, Warp 6.

I was thinking of another title but when I saw this photo, any thoughts of title or anything but “OBAMA HAS 3D GLASSES SO HE CAN SEE THE FUTURE!!!” flew right out of my head. Lindsay writes that she is a Futurist. Coolhunter. Pixel lover. She’s nailed them all here. Check out leyink.com. Really. Do it.

You can watch the regular old State of the Union or check out the enhanced version below:

Here on earth, God’s work must truly be our own

thank you,


Listening to this, I wonder why the title wasn’t the line that defined Kennedy’s first inaugural. My favorite line:

Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage the arts and commerce.

Yeah, let’s seek that, ok?

Sometimes, the light at the end of the tunnel is just New Jersey

Rally signs

Well, the election tomorrow doesn’t look good for the forces of sanity and reason. I’m not talking about Republican vs Democrat, I’m talking about Wingnut vs Whatever the Heck You Are If You’re Not a Wingnut. John said something in his closing speech at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear that I think bears repeating and thought as we move ahead into a brave new world.

We hear every damned day about how fragile our country is, on the brink of catastrophe, torn by polarizing hate, and how it’s a shame that we can’t work together to get things done. The truth is, we do! We work together to get things done every damned day! The only place we don’t is here (in Washington) or on cable TV!

But Americans don’t live here, or on cable TV. Where we live, our values and principles form the foundation that sustains us while we get things done–not the barriers that prevent us from getting things done.

Most Americans don’t live their lives solely as Democrats, Republicans, liberals or conservatives. Americans live their lives more as people that are just a little bit late for something they have to do. Often something they do not want to do! But they do it. Impossible things, every day, that are only made possible through the little, reasonable compromises we all make.

The Gregory Brothers aka schmoyoho aka Auto-Tune aka those wonderful mad geniuses have auto-tuned Stewart’s speech:

If you missed John’s speech, you can watch it here:

The photo is Rally signs by twbuckner. See it and others in his rally set and see many more in the Rally to Restore Sanity and Keep Fear Alive group.

They don’t write ’em like that anymore … gearing up for the Traverse City Film Festival

All next week Absolute Michigan will be On Location at the Traverse City Film Festival and I came across this in researching an article for Wednesday (tune in for sure!). I also coordinate online media for the festival and in 2010 we will be posting daily video digests, and the link above and traversecityfilmfestival.org are the place to get all that and much more!