Weird Memes and Weirder Memelets

Over at I learned six weird things about her childhood and also that the Six Weird Things meme is some sort of communicable disease carried by blogs.

There were a number of weird things on Flickr like this really cool shot of a Holga's spirit escaping, this woman's stories and a duckbra, but all paled in comparison to the above photo and possible images that one could create using Clairol's technology.

As a hard-core Oz (as in Wizard) fan, I immediately thought of The Heads of Langwidere in Ozma of Oz by L. Frank Baum (one of my favorites, which you can read online, for free).

Now I must explain to you that the Princess Langwidere had thirty heads—as many as there are days in the month. But of course she could only wear one of them at a time, because she had but one neck. These heads were kept in what she called her “cabinet,” which was a beautiful dressing-room that lay just between Langwidere’s sleeping-chamber and the mirrored sitting-room. Each head was in a separate cupboard lined with velvet. The cupboards ran all around the sides of the dressing-room, and had elaborately carved doors with gold numbers on the outside and jeweled-framed mirrors on the inside of them.

When the Princess got out of her crystal bed in the morning she went to her cabinet, opened one of the velvet-lined cupboards, and took the head it contained from its golden shelf. Then, by the aid of the mirror inside the open door, she put on the head—as neat and straight as could be—and afterward called her maids to robe her for the day. She always wore a simple white costume, that suited all the heads. For, being able to change her face whenever she liked, the Princess had no interest in wearing a variety of gowns, as have other ladies who are compelled to wear the same face constantly.

Of course the thirty heads were in great variety, no two formed alike but all being of exceeding loveliness. There were heads with golden hair, brown hair, rich auburn hair and black hair; but none with gray hair. The heads had eyes of blue, of gray, of hazel, of brown and of black; but there were no red eyes among them, and all were bright and handsome. The noses were Grecian, Roman, retrousse and Oriental, representing all types of beauty; and the mouths were of assorted sizes and shapes, displaying pearly teeth when the heads smiled. As for dimples, they appeared in cheeks and chins, wherever they might be most charming, and one or two heads had freckles upon the faces to contrast the better with the brilliancy of their complexions.

"The Heads of Langdwire" would be a cool name for a band I think…

NBA Comix: NBA Confessional

Nash, Cassell, Vinsanity & Kobe in the NBA Confessional

I can't take credit for the Cassell/Alien thing. Looks like Vinsanity is giving a shout-out to Skeets and Raptor Nation.

Hilariously enough, this page is a huge feeder to my blog. Wikipedia links to it to help explain internet phenomena and internet memes. I am link #6 to help explain the Sam Cassell is an Alien meme. Sadly, this blog (which has not been kind to Employee #8) is nowhere to be found when Wikipedia is exploring the Meme that Is Antoine Walker (however the pictures they link to are totally hilarious so I don't feel that bad).

Great Lakes Submarine Photo Validated

Children Flee from Mysterious Great Lakes Submarine

GRAND MARAIS, MICHIGAN – At a meeting of the Michigan Society of Speculative Science (MiSSS), Dr. Werner Unterseeboot of the Institute for Great Lakes Submarine Research announced that his advanced photographic analysis has confirmed the validity of the famous "Windy Beach Photo".

The photo was taken by an unidentified vacationer in the late summer of 2003 in the sleepy village of Leland on Lake Michigan and has been the subject of nearly unending controversy in scientific circles since it came the attention of the scientific community last year.

Appearing fiercely triumphant as he read from a prepared statement, Dr. Unterseeboot (himself the subject of much ridicule) declared "With this photo, my years of research are validated. Without question, we can say what everyone with eyes in their head has known all along: there is an active submarine presence in the Great Lakes. While I am not ready at this time to say who might be operating these vessels, it can no longer be questioned that they are in the Lakes".

The 87-year-old maverick researcher refused an interview, but an employee of the Institute speaking on conditions of anonymity related that the Institute has "literally thousands of photos of submarines from all over the Great Lakes" that will be released as they are validated to a special web site set up by the IGLSR.

More April Foolery 

Aliens Ate My Dinner


Aliens Ate My DinnerIt all began sometime in late July, on one of those nights so hot and humid and still that the only thing that differentiates it from the day is the fact that it’s dark. We had had one of my favorite meals, chili so hot it makes you weep with cornbread so moist you barely need to dunk it in your bowl.

“It’s too damn hot for chili and besides, it makes you restless,” she had complained even as she browned the beef.

“A little more cayenne,” I pleaded. “Makes you sweat.”
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