350 … it’s a number we need to know

Sweet video by James Weston Lynne – check it out and be involved on October 24th – find out how at 350.org and tc350.org!!

One thought on “350 … it’s a number we need to know

  1. dmarks says:

    Kind of a flubbed event. The “let’s keep it secret” thing was a big mistake, I think. I’m close to ground zero of “TC350”, and I saw signs all over. But the signs merely had 3 digits on them. Nothing about what it was about. I assumed it was some sort of race, maybe motocross or something. We’ve had TC250 snowmobile races here before, after all. But there was no snow, so I guessed motorcycles, and shrugged and went on.

    It wasn’t until after the event that the secret came out. Kind of too late. I thought the purpose of activists/causes/etc were to improve awareness of an issue, not litter the landscape with amateur code signs that made it look (ironically) like some sort of motorcsports race.

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