New iMac keyboard – tiny is huge?

I love Apple Computers for their ease of use, interface and design. All that love didn’t mean a whole lot when I unboxed a new iMac and saw this.


You have a clean and open aesthetic in your OS and in your stores and then you jam some poor sap’s hands into a keyboard roughly exactly the size of an Apple laptop keyboard. I guess it helped reduce the overall price but seriously, wtf?

I think Ridley Scott needs to make another video…

I guess I do owe a note of thanks to the keyboard for leading me indirectly to that cool video from the 1983 Apple keynote by Steve Jobs.

The photo is by hyperscholar and I guess that to the caterpillar, the keyboard seemed massive.

2 thoughts on “New iMac keyboard – tiny is huge?

  1. Kathleen Young says:

    I don’t think I have had enough coffee. Is this real?

  2. farlane says:

    Yes. I feel like a bear on a tricycle.

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