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Strong Bad and Homestar and friends from are probably my favoritest show on the internet. Or off the internet. Anywhere there’s shows, they’re my favorite. Also, I noticed they weren’t in my blogroll so I added them. And deleted some. I’ll try to keep that shorter and change it more.

Anyway, an article from Wired about Matt & Mike Chapman, of HomestarRunner rejecting a cartoon Network deal flashed across my Gmail:

“There was a brief flirtation with Comedy Central and Adult Swim,” Matt said. “The whole TV thing seemed creepy. They wanted to plug it into their model — that all comedy was gag-related, not character-driven. They left the door open, but we liked what we were doing and kept doing it online.”

I love HomestarRunner for many reasons, and the fact that the attitude and tone that aren’t cynical and dark are huge attraction. While I do enjoy some Cartoon Network fare now and then, it’s not something I could watch all the time. If my cable package had a Strong Bad Talk Show option, I would totally upgrade.

Apparently, their online store (I just ordered the Kick the Cheat for my daughter’s birthday) is bringing in enough money that they feel they can stay independent.

If (when?) you are a HomestarRunner fan, you have to watch this interview with Mike and Matt Chapman.

A reader asks…

…why do you always link things like 12 times? Do you think we’re stupid? Are you stupid?? Both???

The answer is actually:
d) By linking to specific (HomestarRunner welcome video, Kick the Cheat) I am providing detailed information to you. By linking to the main and Yahoo! Store page, I am linking to the most popular pages for the general subject as the Google (and other search engines, if there in fact are any left) see them. It also provides the creators with the ability to manage your visit.

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