Smashing pumpkins and mushroom saviors

non-turkey day by Huro Kitty

Penny writes:

The idea of putting a garden to bed is kind-of sweet and silly. Maybe those words….”putting a garden to bed”….not the actual doing of it. Not sure if other permaculturists would even agree with the idea of it. “Too much work. Let nature do it’s thing.” But, for me, the art-farmer who likes to blend a little ritual and ceremony with my doings–it seems right. It’s the season to say a grateful good-bye and appreciate the magical process of green growing plant life. And, it was a nice day to be outside.

Read the rest of Putting a garden to bed after the Bioneers.

Photo: non-turkey day by Huro Kitty. Although I am not a vegetarian, I am close enough to say that I would quite happily trade my turkey dinner this year for one of those wild rice-wild mushroom-cranberry-apples-almond stuffed delights! (caveat: I still get to make grilled turkey & asiago sandwiches on Friday)

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