Captain Kirk invented blogging but nobody has invented the flying car

Beam me up ... no wait, take me to the corner of State & Main

So… there’s this post on Google’s blog titled “Stardate 0817.06“. Ignoring the fact that a Google programmer is blithely creating a Y3K crisis with the stardate, the central premises are sound. Those premises are 1) that Captain Kirk invented blogging and 2) that a lot of the stuff we do every day is right off Star Trek. I guess … it’s really neat and all …  but I was promised a future that included the flying car.

The above photo is called Taxi driver freelances as communications officer on the Starship Enterprise in his spare time by Zara 1.0 who says she was a nerd before it was cool. The photo wins the award for “most perfectly titled photo to match a post” for the month of August. For that, Zara will be allowed to increment to 1.1 and add the “Beta” suffix to her appelation!

Google is also hosting a booth at the 5th annual Official Star Trek Convention in fabulous Laaaaaas Vegas. It looks like just about everyone from the Star Trek universe other than Ensign Ro Laren (my favorite Star Trek character) will be there. I wonder what it says about you when your favorite character in an escapist, utopian reality is the surly, maladjusted early 21st century patriot?

The whole “welcome to the future, now let’s have some fun” vibe that Google is pitching is compelling. I wish that was better at math and puzzles. I get bored with them almost instantly.

5 thoughts on “Captain Kirk invented blogging but nobody has invented the flying car

  1. Erez says:

    Kirk didn’t exactly invented anyting with his Captain’s Log. The concept of logging daily events througout the ship’s voyage was in practice for centuries. It was yet another naval tradition that Rodenberry adopted for Star Trek. Actually, like many other elements, Star Trek was using it correctly, apart from the usual use as a narration tool, to log decisions, personel changes, situations, headings etc.
    The idea was that it should be used as a “black box”. If anyting happens to the ship, anyone who found the log will immediately be able to trace back the events that led to the disaster.

  2. […] Found this through that. Basically, it threads many of today’s element back to Star Trek, such as the communicator, voice-controlled computers etc. However, its main premise is that Kirk invented blogging. Now that’s a bit far fetched. […]

  3. zara says:

    LOL. You know, someone actually suggested I should move to zara 2.0 ;p

    Anyway, I think Google is erroneous to say Kirk invented blogging. I doubt he shared his logs publicly and there certainly was no interaction like we have on most blogs. But I do agree that Trek certainly influenced a lot of things. Hmm, kinda strange to be talking in the past tense and so matter-of-factly about something (completely fictitious no less) set in the future. Temporal distortion ?

  4. farlane says:

    It is indeed distorted. You don’t think Kirk played his captain’s logs back at early Star Fleet Captain’s Conventions on Rigel IV? James T. strikes me as definitely the kiss and tell sort of guy.

    “That’s nothing, let me play back the time with the tentacle ladies of Epsilon XII…

    On an unrelated note, here’s a ridiculously in-depth thing from Reason exploring Why Captain Kirk’s story is the story of America that I accidentally googled into. Must … not … use Google … as a verb.

  5. Erez says:

    If anything, parts of that log were probably encrypted. You know, all those parts where he saved the day by disobeying orders, braking the Prime Directive, and so on. I don’t think his commanders would want those to become public.

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