NBA Comix: Mike Knows Motivation

Mike Knows Motivation!
In case you can’t read the above: Sapporo: Team Usa Coach Mike Krzyzewski sought to “light a fire under these spoiled superstars” by screening a motivational video featuring Ron Artest while simultaneously dunking a helpless Anderson Varejo.

While Carmelo Anthony & Dwayne Wade seemed intent on perfecting their new hand signs, the presentation did have an effect on star LeBron James: “Coach K is serious. Serious as a heart attack. And he should be. This is the world stage. Our national pride and honor is at stake.”

Meanwhile, the whole incident was denounced by the Argentinian media as “Predictable American Imperialism”.

I’d like to give an Explosion sized shout-out to the Cavalier (hopefully this will keep him off my back for a few weeks) and also to direct you to the latest addition to my blogroll, NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness by the Hype which is darned funny.
PS: The video from Ron-Ron, NBA Clown Prince of Craziness wasn’t really for Team USA. You wouldn’t want to put Ron in front of players as any kind of example. You of course only put Ron in front of children where he shares wisdom like “someone started trouble and I ended it”. To be fair, he does follow that up with “I would always encourage you to protect yourself but in certain situations, if you can avoid them, avoid them”.

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