NBA Comix: Steve Nash Haircut Triggers Panic

Steve Nash Haircut Triggers Panic

NOTE: I’m just kidding about Adam Morrison’s world-class mustache. By all accounts, the mustache is safe and resting comfortably on his face.

I tell you, it’s been quite a depressing couple of month or so for NBA Comix. First my beloved Pistons unraveled like a cheap suit in the face of Pat Riley’s expensive suits. Then Antoine Walker shoved the NBA’s most hallowed relic into his armpit. Then Big Ben Wallace, face (well, fro) of the Pistons bolted for the City of Michael Jordan. Now NBA Comix best friend Steve “the Haircut” Nash has elected to shave his head and challenge Sam Cassell for the Alien Lookalike title.

YAYSports has additional coverage on this breaking news and I invite you to take a trip back with NBA Comix to the happier days of Steve Nash’s hair. I think that if there’s anything funny in this story, it’s that ESPN is covering it but doesn’t have a photo of the haircut.

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29 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Steve Nash Haircut Triggers Panic

  1. Chris Elkin says:

    They both looked like aliens before anyway

  2. farlane says:

    Something on the order of 10,000 people have looked at this comic with most coming for some variation of “steve nash + haircut”.

    I think this scares me.

    I’m also wondering how many of those are Steve himself googling for opinions on his new ‘do.

  3. ripismoney says:

    Nash’s hair just told of his attitude: “Not only am I the NBA MVP: I’m a freaking Canadian and I’ll whoop you at soccer.” Now that’s gone, and life on this earth has changed as we know it. On the bright side for Suns fans, Nash’s haircut lowers his wind resistance and also his weight, so expect him to go coast-to-coast in record time. I pity the teams in the Western Conference who must face this new, hybrid Nash.

  4. farlane says:

    It does lower the wind resistance but it also conversely lowers Nash’s wind appeal. Because there’s nothing to flip and fly around, Nash becomes far less appealing to wind – meaning it will not go out of its way to aid him in defying conventional physics.

    I had some great diagrams with valences and x-coefficients and delta-Qs illustrating this but Antoine Walker mistook them for the hors d’ouvres and ate them.

  5. Dwyane says:

    i’m Dwyane Wade, you bitches

  6. Dwyane says:

    i’m Dwyane Wade.i’m the best in the game you BlTCHES

  7. Dwyane says:

    i’m Dwyane Wade. I’m the best player in the NBA you BlTCH3s

  8. Dwyane says:

    i’m Dwyane Wade. I’m the best player in the NBA you BlTCH3S. dont mess wit me NlGGA$

  9. Dwyane says:

    i’m Dwyane Wade. I’m the best player in the NBA you BlTCH3$. dont mess wit me NlGG@$.

  10. farlane says:

    Dang Dwyane … sounds like you have a lot of hostility for a guy who gets all the calls. Are you upset about Steve Nash’s haircut deflecting attention from you?

  11. nasser says:

    Nash still have the talent in this new millenium. Dwayne must focus of this.

  12. nasser says:

    dwayne is nonsense

  13. alex says:

    im not scared….im mad……..he had by far the best hair in the nba…….not morrison mustache can top that…….well i guess it can now………im going to cry for the rest of my life…..i just cant beleive it.

  14. may says:

    although he is much better loking with the previous hairstyle , i believe it would not affect his awesome playing style—not even a whisker of it. if it will not suit him, he can always grow it back . i will really miss him flipping his hair during playing time.

  15. dirk nowitzki says:

    Steve, you know you are my bestfriend. No matter what your hairstyle is i am always here for you. Changing your hairstyle doesn’t mean that it will change your style of play. FoR me no one this world can beat steve NASH!!!!! keep playing harder and keep up the good work. I am sure that phx suns will be the champion in this season. My team, Dallas Mavericks will show a lot but that is not enough to stop Steve Nash and the Gang! STEVE, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

  16. Steve Nash says:


  17. Tone 9 says:

    Steve nash needed a hair cut. I mean that hair was getting in the way when he was playing in the game. Adam morrison is my dog. Adam is the best player in ’06. But Who is Wingo ?

  18. Rachel says:

    Man oh man…My husband & I were sitting at the restaurant bar the other night waiting for a table. We looked up and saw Nash and both looked at each other and said “was that Steve Nash?” Unfortunatley, yes, it was. OMG! I thought I was going to die! (Flashbacks of Andre Agassi’s long hair and then none) It’s awful!! He was kind of funny looking anyway, but I liked his hair and love his play. Now he just looks like a dork!! My hubby is so tired of me saying how goofy he looks, and that I can’t believe that he cut it all off! Hopefully, it’s not like Samson’s hair! OK Steve, I bought my first NBA Jersey last season and yes, it is yours. PLEASE kick butt again this year and PLEASE, for God’s sake, grow out your hair again!

  19. naiel shamon says:

    well i think he use to look better before, i was disapointed when i saw him after he cut his hair, his hair was like his signutre but anyway we are talking her about a 2x mvp and that should be enough. keep dominating steve wish u all the best.

  20. […] long he’d fight a constant in game battle to keep it behind his ears and now that it’s short he may challenge Sam Cassell for the “Alien Lookalike Title”. But he makes his team and basketball beautiful to watch, orchestrating the Phoenix Suns’ […]

  21. farlane says:

    Steve Nash, if you read this please understand that I think you’re awesome and this is all in good fun.

    Of course this doesn’t apply to you, ‘Toine. Until I hear an apology for that playoff waggle you shimmied down on my Pistons.

  22. Sherry says:

    Do you like Steve Nash too?
    He is my favorite player in NBA ! but I am Taiwanese.
    My English is not very good.Pardon me.

  23. farlane says:

    Oh yeah. I love Nash. He gives me great hope that I can have an NBA career too.

    And regarding your English, Sherry – it is one heck of a lot better than my Taiwanese!

  24. rustom says:

    idolized steve nash

  25. Alicia says:

    Steve Nash I love your hair and the phoenix suns so let them hata’s hate and you do you. Your long hair make you look good.

  26. Ambermay says:

    Steve Nash looked so sexy with longer hair. When he cut it, I hardly recognized him. When I went to modeling school many years ago, they said your hair style could make up to 50% of your looks. After seeing his totally ugly, short hair do, I now believe it. Sorry Nash, I love you, but that short do is really ugly!

  27. farlane says:

    Speaking of haircuts and the NBA, here’s Carmelo Anthony losing a bet, and his cornrows. Via (no kidding) NBA Hair Watch.

    In the ongoing cable network that is my blog archives, this post is the Wizard of Oz. Far and away, more people read this day to day than anything other and see It makes me somehow happy to know that in these dark times there is still a place where long-haired Steve roams the court, unshorn by The Man.

    I realize that sounds impossibly gay. Speaking of gay and impossible, I hope you will consider these 12 reasons why gay marriage is bad.

    I’m sure we can all agree that while discrimination against people by religion, race or sex is totally wrong, discriminating against people by who they choose to love is totally fine and what God wants.

    God is Love, after all.

    • Drops says:

      Why is Nash doing all of these videos? I don’t get it becsaue all of the ones that I have watched are crap!! He’s not very good in front of the camera at all. He’s a great basketball player and should stick to that. To the English guy in the video have a few more beers so you can talk more crap. England just plain sucked in the World Cup face it!! They were over hyped big time!!! USA go knocked out early but at least they played beyond all expectations.

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