NBA Comix: Operation Knickpocalypse

Operation Knickpocalypse

Willis Reed looks like he’d like to stuff Isiah into that big bowl. I loved how the pick was SO bad that it stunned the MSG crowd to near silence. Merely bad Knicks picks are greeted by boos, but this one was an “11”, so even Spike was baffled.

Along with the rest of the known universe, the New York Post doesn’t like the pick (running very slow – in the article Isiah Thomas says that the Suns were eyeballing Renaldo Balkman at 21). Sell the Knicks forum has some talk about Balkman.

Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel has some funny stuff on this:

LOSER: Isiah Thomas
The NBA draft is Christmas in June for Detroit Lions president Matt Millen, the day that Isiah Thomas reaffirms to everyone that it is he, and not Millen, who is the worst executive in professional sports. Called a “bum” by one Knicks fan in the crowd, Train Wreck Thomas used the 20th pick on an undersized forward out of South Carolina who never averaged double-figure points or rebounds, exasperating even the mild-mannered Bilas and prompting him to rip Isiah to shreds.

In addition to his general manager duties, Thomas was named Knicks coach late last week and was immediately declared a lame duck by owner James Dolan, who has all the brains of a Manhattan manhole cover. Nothing ensures maximum effort like letting the players know that, if they lose, the coach that is screaming at them to pass the ball will be fired. Fortunately, with a roster that includes Stephon Marbury, Eddy Curry and Stevie Franchise Killer, effort is never a question with the Knicks.

He popped off that 1-2-3 combo move on the worst management guys in sports quite smoothly I thought.

One thought on “NBA Comix: Operation Knickpocalypse

  1. -A. says:

    Have you seen the video?

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