NBA Comix: Good Touch, Bad Touch with the Larry O’Brien Trophy

Good Touch, Bad Touch with the Larry O'Brien Trophy

I think we can all learn a lesson here from Danny Manning's friend and Antoine Walker about what's OK and what isn't. See how the young man uses just the fingertips and allows the trophy to feel like it can break off contact at any time? That's what I'm talking about. For those who are calling me an Antoine Walker hater, I have to point out that 98.3% of my incoming traffic from search engines is for "I can't stand 'Toine and wish to see him mocked without pity"*.

Sorry about the long delay between NBA comix … powering down to "summer mode".

* The other 1.7% is for various misspellings of Dewayne Wade. See?

YAYSports has a clip of Dwyane on Letterman that's pretty funny.

12 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Good Touch, Bad Touch with the Larry O’Brien Trophy

  1. quelquechose says:

    for all the reasons to tune into Farlane, hating on Toine without Pity is by far at the top of my list!

  2. farlane says:

    See? That’s what I’m TALKIN’ ABOUT.

  3. JD says:

    LOL keep em coming farlane. Your hatred for Toine is turning into a blogging love affair.

  4. thehype says:

    Triple word to the Toine bashing. Huzzah! Notice his crotch area ridding up Larry O..just ew.

  5. -A. says:

    Hope the kid got to it before Toine.

  6. farlane says:

    Sadly, they did not. It’s a tragedy.

  7. Employee #8 says:

    God damn you guys suck. Antoine is by far one of the greatest players to ever place a foot on hardwood. Believe that playas.

  8. farlane says:

    Come on, ‘Toine. You know the judge said you’re not allowed to post here anymore.

  9. Hey says:

    Not everyone hates Antoine a hole.

  10. farlane says:

    Remember what the judge said, ‘Toine: 30 miles distance at all times.

  11. Ridiculous says:

    What kind of retarded loser looks up someone by hating them?

    You’re an idiot and your fans are just plain stupid

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