NBA Comix: Snapshots from the 2006 NBA Finals

Snapshots from the 2006 NBA Finals

Seriously, this photo of Employee #8 with the O'Brien trophy made me cry. It looks like he's trying to smother it with his armpit. I'm not sure I want any team I like to win it now. It's got Antoine Walker cooties. 

So, Cuban got fined $250,000. In an effort to help readers understand the magnitude of this fine, let me offer the following example:

Let's say you are worth $400,000. If you were fined an equivalent percentage of your net worth, it would be a fine of $1. Actually, Cuban is worth $1.3 billion, so the fine is more like 83 cents.

Speaking of Cuban, I cannot imagine why he would link to this Bill Simmons piece

6 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Snapshots from the 2006 NBA Finals

  1. Boney24 says:

    Antoine Walker should be shot. Anyone that has played on as many teams as he has should not be as cocky and arrogant as he is.

    I hope he ends up back in Boston somehow this off-season…

  2. quelquechose says:

    oh Boney, he would love to be reunited with his first love…Paul Pierce. Their sexual tension is more awkward and disconcerting than #8 and O’Brien in the same 10 foot perimeter.

  3. farlane says:

    Sounds like a great fall TV show. Can I assume there’s a script in the works?

  4. mamichula says:

    He was not being arrogant or cocky he was crying and celebrating with everybody else. Ya’ll are really hating

  5. farlane says:

    All right, everybody knock it off. ‘Toine’s mom is here.

  6. Hey says:

    I love the green eyes monster by a bunch of losers on

    Bitter much

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