Hunter, Gatherer, Coyote


I can't really say much more about Web 2.0: Back to the “Hunter Gatherer” Society by Marc Fawzi except: I really think you should read Web 2.0: Back to the “Hunter Gatherer” Society by Marc Fawzi.

The coyote pup above was wandering in the road to my house last night. I think his name is "Spike". 

5 thoughts on “Hunter, Gatherer, Coyote

  1. “All I know is that as soon as someone develops a device that allows people to tag each other, things are going to get very, very interesting.”


    This is exactly the type of egalitarian sharing that, when manifested on a large enough scale, e.g. the Web, points to the emergence of hunter-gatherer behavior 🙂

    This idea, in particular, has some very interesting implications.

    Assuming the device would let people tag each other without the tagged person having the ability to modify the tags assigned to them (I know exactly how it would work and I can produce it if enough people are interested and willing to support the idea) then social networking a la Web 2.0 will be history!

    Drop me a line at marc.fawzi/at/ if you wish to co-write it the post detailing how it would work and the scenarios it will give birth to.

    Else, I’ll go ahead with my impulsive hunter gatherer production behavior and write about it for everyone to enjoy! I have until 10pm EST June 20th (today) to go into impulsive prduction mode or explode!

    We’re hunter gatherers. We’re impulsive producers. 🙂


  2. Ayah says:

    that pup is the cutess thing i have seen all day!
    thanks for making me smile.


  3. I put it out there. You can read it 🙂


  4. Matt Callow says:

    A coyote pup in your road? How cool! I’ve only seen one once, in woodland near Three Rivers. I think we scared the lives out of each other…

  5. quelquechose says:

    Aww..who would be scared of that adorable coyote?

    I only have one thing to say about that Web 2.0 article: I haven’t read it yet.

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