NBA Comix: Udonis Haslem has a Plan

Udonis Haslem has a Plan for Dirk Nowitzki

Some people might say "what the heck kind of name is Udonis" but I have to say that it's a brilliant naming job by the Haslems. Search for "Udonis" and he's the only thing there. It's almost like they planned for him be famous.

Yay Sports! has some great stuff on Dirk Nowitzki.

Mark Cuban has finally embraced the full madness of blogging, wonders about live-blogging the finals and wants to ask Shaq questions like: 

  • Shaq – You have several young children. Which Wiggles song is your favorite ? Which do you like the least ?
  • Are your kids so big they are confused with kids twice their age ?
  • Have you ever been contacted to turn Kazaam into an off Broadway musical ? Has anyone sampled Shaq Fu in a hit song yet ?

 Go Mark, Go! (I still think you should pay to shave Gasol on live TV)

2 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Udonis Haslem has a Plan

  1. Shantel Lee says:

    Is Udonis Haslem single?

  2. trey boone says:

    Samaki walker really knows what he is doing out there…

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