BitTorrent Founder Against Net Neutrality

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland :: photo by David-sm™
Bram Cohen of BitTorrent is against Net Neutrality (from the Fair-and-Balanced Files):

I most definitely do not want the internet to become like television where there's actual censorship… however it is very difficult to actually create network neutrality laws which don't result in an absurdity like making it so that ISPs can't drop spam or stop… (hacker) attacks.

It depends really on the nature of the whole thing… I'm against net censorship. However when you're talking about large file transfers going to very large numbers of people there frequently are significant costs involved… (the media companies) are frequently bearing a lot of costs already today. They make some stuff available and pay for bandwidth on it so it's just a question of the download costs as well as the upload costs.

More from BitTorrent's Brad Cohen at the BBC

Eh. Not sure how much cred this post has since the guy is partnering to build a massive (and legal) peer-to-peer network. While BitTorrent P2P benefits from Net Neutrality, a private commercial venture would be adversely impacted.

3 thoughts on “BitTorrent Founder Against Net Neutrality

  1. Junkie says:

    I’ll admit my ears really perked up when I heard Bram Cohen was speaking out against Net Neutrality. I’m a part of the Hands Off the Internet coalition, so I’ve been following this issue closely. Cohen has a lot of credibility on this issue, because the peer-to-peer file transfers, and downloading of movies and videos is exactly what the creation of a tiered internet could benefit most. If a little extra is paid for a 2nd tier, high speed connection, video downloaders win because they get better service, and casual web users win because they can pay less for access if they don’t need to use those premium services.

  2. jonathantu says:

    I’m just assuming that the U.S. will eventually move to a billing system based on paying in proportion to how much bandwidth you use. It’s amazing the number of ports the big ISPs are hounding in an attempt to help stave off the massive usage BitTorrent represents, so it seems like only a matter of time until that happens.

    Therefore, I will now attempt to download every episode of Deadwood in existence.

  3. farlane says:

    Good move. I will download all copies of the Superfriends cartoons.

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